Conference CISTEI 2018 – Additional information

Conference CISTEI 2018 – Additional information

Document with additional information of the Conference: “Evidence of changes in the human iris”

November 2018. San Juan, PUERTO RICO

This is a page that offers additional information to those attending the Conference “Evidencia de cambios en el iris humano”,  given within the framework of the “1er Congreso Internacional de Salud y Tecnología-CISTEI” in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The duration of the conference does not allow me to include all the material that I would like to have decided, as I have done on other occasions, to publish on this website an entry with references to examples and additional practical cases.
It pretends to be a dynamic material that helps the congressmen to facilitate their deepening in the subject. This page will be updated on the day of the conference (November 9) and later other content will be added to resolve doubts that have arisen during the conference.
On November 9 on this page you will find additional links and references.
As a preview of the conference, below you can see several images that we have used to promote the conference and that show photographs of cases that we are going to show.
Image module
Image module
Image module
Image module

Additional information and links to supplementary images of the following cases.

Case # 1.
The links of images and videos of case nº 1. Formation of a spot in the Topographic Area (TA) of the right lung.
Youtube Video.
Instagram Video.
Pinterest Mosaic of the case.

Case # 3.
Video with Paralax effect. TA of the cardia.

Case # 4.
Video with Paralax effect. TA of the liver.

Case # 5. Links related to the case.
Artículo: New stain in the Topographic Area of the spleen.
Instagram: Video. Location of a Stain in the Topographic Area of the spleen.

Case # 6.
Additional information Hereditary Signs.

Addicional information. Case nº 8.
It is a different example of “Pigment Loss”. In this case, it is not of physiological origin, but has been produced by friction in a surgical intervention.

Case # 14.
Video with Paralax effect. Change of iris color.

Case # 16.
Change in the appearance of the iris as a consequence of the application of eye drops (spanish).

Case # 19. “Ghost Lacuna”.

Case # 20: This example of the formation of a new sign corresponds to the left iris of the same person that appears in case number 1. This iridian sign is another of the consequences of Plumbism.



Adittional Information:

– References to other examples of “New Stain sign” that can be seen on the web:

– Other additional examples of “Changes in the signs of the iris”:

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