There are alterations to the iris

There are alterations to the iris

The iris tissue undergoes changes. It is not only the movement of the iris that can change the iris’es appearance and its tissue’s appearance; the iris itself also undergoes changes throughout your life for various different reasons. 

This is one of the most interesting subjects for investigation and we are going to write and prepare more in-depth articles about this. Iridology studies the iris’es appearance, the changes which occur and the causes behind these changes.

I was surprised by the question asked by many iridologists at the 2010 “World Iridology Congress” held in Athens: Does the iris undergo changes?

The answer is very clear. “Yes, the iris does undergo changes”.

There are changes in the shape of the iris, the pupil and the signs that are shown on them. These changes can occur very slowly (unless they are caused by nervous alterations), depending on the cause behind them and/or the characteristics of the type of iris signs or pupil alterations.

To look at this very shortly (as we will be looking into this in further articles), we are going to show various pictures with examples of this. 

In the first case we will see an increment in pigmentation over various years. In the second case we will see a loss of pigmentation in the iris tissue as a result of a degenerative disease. In the third case, a small area of pigmentation grew in size over a period of 23 months.

Case 1                                                               

The left iris of a 56 year old man. There is a gap of six years between the two photos of the left iris.
Cambios iris izquierdo Cambios iris izquierdo 2

Case 2                                                               

A 47 year old man with a degenerative muscle disease. There is a gap of eight years between the two photos of the left iris.

Case 3                                                               

Right iris. A 60 year old woman. There is a gap between the two photos of 23 months.
Caso 3 cambios en el Iris Caso 3 cambios en el Iris

Note: Some of the black spots on the photos are due to pieces of dust that got into the slit lamp we used to take them. So they are not actual stains on the irises.  


Other cases:
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You can see more cases related to iris changes by clicking on the “Change in iridian signs” or “New iridian sign” category.

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