Changes in the iris (2nd)

Changes in the iris (2nd)

This is a 61 year old woman whom we have observed for many years and whose health is deteriorating. Her iridian genotype can be classified as pathological as it combines a hematogenous iridian genotype with stoma cloudiness, whose sign is “fog”. 

However, in this case we are going to concentrate on the upper left iris. The series of photos is from between 2006 and 2013, and there is pigmentation formation in that area which corresponds with the brain. 

In the first photo, from 2006, there is only a minimal start in to pigmentation. It is between 2008 and 2010 that there is a very significant change and the pigmentation very visibly increases. In the picture from 2013 the alteration is apparent and I have blown the photo up to be able to see it in greater detail.

I am very sorry that the first photos do not show the areas in question so clearly, but this is a real case and many people who suffer from symptoms of exhaustion and tiredness also have active “fog” signs and it is difficult to take photographs because the eye does not open properly. It is also difficult to explain this to them because they have difficulty understanding and concentrating. 

2006 2008
Imagen 2006 Imagen 2008
2010 2011
Imagen 2010 Imagen 2011
Imagen 2013

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