Evolution of a Pigmentation for 10 years

Evolution of a Pigmentation for 10 years
Practical case where we will see the evolution of Stain (Pigment), which has changed during the 10 years we’ve been following.
In this first picture we define with a red rectangle area where we will see the sequence. With inside square we delimit the area where the iris sign change we’re seeing occurs.
This is a woman who in 2014 is 77 years old.

Many Stains and Pigmentations of the iris remain unchanged for many years without alterations or changes in its size, colour or relief. But in this case we can observe the evolution of this Stain sign.

We show the initial photo at 2004 and the final at 2014 to appreciate the evolution that has occurred.

Image module
Image module

Then, the sequence of photographs from 2004 to 2014, where we see with more detail, how the Stain has been growing.

The rest of the iris image is reserved for courses and study materials that we will publish.

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