Oesophagus’s Topographic Area (TA).

Locating the oesophagus is one of Multiple Reflex Iridology’s other contributions. We are the only people to have found the oesophagus in this place.

The Topographic Area (TA) in which alterations in the oesophagus are projected is between 176º and 181º in crowns 4, 5 and 6.

It is one of the easiest parts of the body to find in the iris.

We are now going to see a clear example of a chronic oesophagus case.

Picture 1

Although this woman is only 29, she has a chronic oesophagus case. The slide contains photos of both irises, in order not to omit any information about the case, the left iris, which we are most interested in, being in the larger picture.

Image module

Picture 2

The second area shows the oesophagus TA in red in the upper right part of the map of the iris. A red rectangle on the photo shows the sign that tells us about this alteration.

(Green square showing the appendix TA crossed by a transversal)

Image module

There is more information about oesophagus cases on pages 303 and 306 of our book.

“Principios y fundamentos de la Iridología de Reflejo Múltiple” 


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