Pigmentation increased in 11 years

Pigmentation increased in 11 years

This is another case study of Multiple Reflex Iridology in which we will see the transition of much of the “Sector 2” of the left iris with a difference of 11 years.

As we describe in our topography, “Sector 2” collects the existing area between 40º and 146º of both irises. In this case we can only observe part of this sector.

We observe very clearly the increase in Pigmentation and the tone of its color in some areas.



I have drawn several ellipses and rectangles to highlight areas of greatest interest. When we move the timeline installed on the photographs we can appreciate this transition in detail.

Specifically, the ellipse located in the lower part covers part of the Topographic Area (TA) of the pancreas and the lumbar musculature. It even partially takes part of the TA of the spleen.

The phenomenon of Multiple Reflex (MR) sometimes involves the difficulty of knowing how to properly identify the part affected by the iridian sign that manifests in the iris. In this case we find a type of iridian sign that can be representative of any of the mentioned areas. In this case, I have to mention that there are iridian signs implying all the zones. Mention, that this person has a genetic predisposition and a risk to end up producing diabetes, but makes important changes in their lifestyle. It is gaining weight over the years, has become sedentary and often consumes high amounts of simple carbohydrates. The sum of these risk factors added to the signs we appreciate allows us to be more persuasive in adequately reporting the risks involved not start taking healthy measures.

On the other hand, another area where significant changes are seen, is the area of ​​the respiratory system. Especially lower lobe and pleura. The area indicated by the white rectangle is where there has been a greater increase in the color of Pigmentation.
Once again, we must highlight the influence of environmental factors. A daily exposure to the respiration of gases with carbon monoxide, oils and other residues, may have been one of the factors of greater incidence in the development of this Pigmentation with those characteristics in that TA.
With the rectangle in red we delimit one of the signs that has evolved. In this case we are inside the TA of the spleen.

You can also see the initial and final image in my Instagram accounts: @iridologiadereflejomultiple @multiplereflexiridology

Below a summary image of the two mosaics shown in Instagram.

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