New Stain in the Topographic Area of the spleen.

New Stain in the Topographic Area of the spleen.

Practical case of a spleen disorder.

A 31-year-old woman. Left iris.
Over the course of 6 years we observed how in her left iris a Stain had developed on the Topographic Area (TA) of the spleen.

In the photographs it is possible to observe a clear difference in the same iris. We can see how in the same left iris, a “Stain” sign has developed over the course of 6 years in the TA of the spleen.

This shows us that an important change has taken place over those years, and has resulted in this iridian sign manifesting itself with this features in that very precise location.

In the enlarged images we can see the area of the Stain formation in better detail. In the 2009 photograph (before the development), in the same are it is possible to see that the accumulation of pigmentation had started. It is possible that there was already a reason for it to gradually activate or become more accentuated over the years, leading to the current development of the Stain.

(The rest of the image of the iris and the interpretation of it is reserved for courses and study materials that we will gradually publish.)


There is more information about the spleen on page 286 and in figures 1.14, 2.51, 3.3 and 3.7 of the book “Principios y fundamentos de la Iridología de Reflejo Múltiple“.

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