Topographic Area of the spleen.

Topographic Area of the spleen.

Spleen disorders manifest themselves between 112º and 142º, focused on the crowns no. 8, 7 and 6 of the left iris.


The most representative signs are:

– Alteration of the iris fibre.

– Virtual concentric circle. One or more. Cramp Rings

– Fog.

– Lymphatic rosary.

– Transversal.

– Stain.


Below we can observe a photograph of a left iris, corresponding to Figure 3.7 on page 318. Within the blue circle we find the iridian sign Stain at an intersection with with the Concentric Circle, along with an area with a change of tone or colour. This series of signs in this location, indicates a spleen disorder.

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–       New Stain in the Topographic Area of the spleen.

You can find other examples of spleen disorders in figures 1.14, 2.51, 3.3 and 3.7 of the book “Principios y fundamentos de la Iridología de Reflejo Múltiple” To the right you can see page 286.


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