The topographic area for bronchial disorders is situated between 80º and 115º and centred on corona nº 4.

The most representative signs are:

– Alteration in the collar, the collar is thicker and takes on a whitish colour.
– Channel parallel to the collar on the outer part, it is similar to the tone or colour alteration sign.
– Cloudiness in the stroma, in the majority of cases, an area with a whitish tone is projected parallel to the collar.

The signs mentioned are very similar.

It is also projected by:

– One or more marks, variable in size, not clear.
– Small lacunae, these may be similar to spots.

A Spoke sign is not representative of bronchial disorders although it may appear in some cases. Some bronchial disorders are projected by ambiguous and faint signs which may be difficult to see.

The photograph shows one of the best examples. It is a 33 year old woman. In the TA of the left bronchus you can see that the collar is whiter and has extensive marking in parallel to the outer edge.

Image module

The following image belongs to one of our slides which show the case of a woman of 38 years. Furthermore bronchus is very evident iris stroma alteration in the left lung.

Image module

There is more information about the bronchi on pages 252 and 257 of our book.“Principios y fundamentos de la Iridología de Reflejo Múltiple”.

You can see page 256 on the right.


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